Minnesota Ladybird Beetles (Ladybugs)


Did you know? Minnesota is home to dozens of ladybird beetles, commonly referred to as "Ladybugs." Ladybugs are not true "bugs" (i.e., not in the order Hemiptera). Ladybugs are actually beetles (Order: Coleoptera), and are in the family Coccinellidae. Unfortunately some of our native ladybugs appear to be declining, and a few are on the verge of being lost completely in Minnesota. The most commonly observed ladybug for most is the invasive Asian Ladybug (Harmonia axyridis), which is often observed entering homes and other buildings in the fall to overwinter. Asian ladybugs have become a pest in Minnesota.

You can help document ladybugs by recording your sightings on online databases such as the Lost Ladybug Project or iNaturalist.

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