Recommended Citizen Science Projects

Bumble Bee Watch - Documenting North American Bombus spp.

HerpMapper - Global amphibian and reptile mapping project.

Lost Ladybug Project - Mapping the occurrence of ladybugs (both native and non-native) across the U.S.

Monarch Butterfly Migration Map


HerpMapper is a cooperative project, designed to gather and share information about reptile and amphibian observations across the planet. Using HerpMapper, you can create records of your herp observations and keep them all in one place. In turn, your data is made available to HerpMapper Partners – groups who use your recorded observations for research, conservation, and preservation purposes. Your observations can make valuable contributions on the behalf of amphibians and reptiles.

Who can see the records you create? There are two levels of visibility for records. Only you and HerpMapper Partners have access to all data in a record. Other users of HerpMapper and the general public can only see very basic information in your records – they do not have access to exact locality data. Any pictures attached to a record can be seen by everyone, which means you can also see the cool herps being recorded by other people from around the world.

Who are the HerpMapper Partners? For the most part, they are biologists working for state or regional agencies, university researchers, or conservation organizations. A list of HerpMapper Partners is maintained on the HerpMapper website.

For more information, also see our F.A.Q. pages, checkout our flyers (English, Spanish, German, Chinese), and checkout our Poster.